Friday, March 21


Still got a lot of things to do on the site but I'm still getting closer to my goal - to bring you everything about Drew's music, movies and in general everything about her. I've edited the layout a bit lot so if you take a look on the right you should get to know quickly about everything you want to know including Drew's upcoming movies, her debut album she's working on right now etc. The next thing I wanna do will be a mp3 player so you can check immediately Drew's music or songs from the soundtrack of movies she acted in.

Nevertheless, I've done a bit of searching today and I've found an instrumental version of the song 'Bout It'. For those whom this title sounds familiar to that's the song which is playing along the final dance scene in STEP UP. It's taken right from the movie so it'll bring you the same atmosphere you've got while watching the movie. trust me, it gives me creeps every time I listen to it.

'Bout It instrumental.mp3' (final dance scene from STEP UP)

I'm also glad that I can announced our very first affiliates. The first one is Misha's site about BRIANA EVIGAN. This gorgeous girl showed herself off with dancing and acting skills in the sequel of STEP UP called STEP UP 2: THE STREETS. So go and check on her! The second one affiliate is hyper-famous and great OFFICIAL site of CHANNING TATUM (ran by Quishe aka 'Q') the uber hot actor and dancer who has appeared in several movies including STEP UP. I really love this site because it's so full of pure fan support and effort so if I was Channing I'd be probably the happiest celebrity ever (and I bet he is!)

Anyone else who would like to be affiliated to the very first site about Drew Sidora can check out our icons on the bottom of this site, put'em on his/her site or just let me know about it via e-mail.

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